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L.C.H.B Trading Co., Ltd

LCHB Trading Co., LT is an established pharmaceutical trade company whose main activity is to distribute and import pharmaceutical products.

Sale Department: +(855)016-616-802 / 093-669-677 /  086-622-724

Hotline: 016-622-724 / 099-377-448

Tel: (+855)23-901-787
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LCHB Location:

Psa Dey Hoy (PP)

Address: #3C, Block CE0 Sangkat Teuktla Khan Sern Sok, Phnom Penh CAMBODIA.

Siem Reap

H/P: 016-622-762

Tel: 023 901 786


Facebook: (Represent of company activities in Phnom Penh)

For user want to know more about usage, go to (Represent of Klean&Kare's Store, ឃ្លីន&ឃ៊ែរ -Klean&Kare Store)


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