About Us

LCHB Trading Co., Ltd is an outstanding local distributor and built by professional leaders  who has many years of experiences in marketing and business fields. In the short run, LCHB has gathered more than 800 stores as our partners. We have accomplished on product advertising and we have gotten satisfies from customers rapidly. Our key to win the competition is to understand the consumer’s buying behavior. Moreover, we also have known the main need of our partners.

Through our innovative marketing strategy, we help customers including, pharmacies, baby marts, supermarkets … to growth their business in new and existing markets. Furthermore, we also help our oversea  partners to growth their business and gain new market shares in Cambodia.

  • 2015: We got approval from Cambodia ministry of commerce to start the business in Cambodia
  • 2016: We successfully registered the company at Cambodia ministry of health
  • 2017: Our products had promoted to the market and gotten consumer satisfaction surprisingly. At the moment, these products have become top sale products in the market and been sold at more than 800 stores of our partners.
  • 2019-Present: Other brand products are waiting to promote in the market

From our company’s vision and missions, we strongly believe in leading the company to become integrity brand among consumers. Cambodia is our starting point and we have ambitious to distribute our products to other countries world wide.

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